Thursday, May 19, 2016

Missed Again

Well, I missed the the marathon again. Two years in a row. This time, I hurt my right foot on a run about six weeks out, and I was out of running for a few weeks. It felt the same as my break last spring, but the x-rays were negative. The doc said it may have been a stress fracture, but only an MRI would have confirmed that. As it was, I was off running for a few weeks, and actually came back stronger. In my time off, I started doing twice a week leg and hip exercises with resistance bands. Before, I had been doing it maybe once a week. Also, when I got back on the road I started doing a short bike (trainer) before each run. I don't know which is doing the trick, but my knees and feet haven't felt this good in a couple years. My foot Injury also took me out of the MN ironman bike ride. Now, we're 3 weeks out from the Liberty 70.3 race. I feel pretty good. I did a half marathon this weekend in 2:16. Not a terrible time for cold and windy. I'm never going to be fast. I did a 35 mile road bike a couple weeks back at a 17.2 mph average. Again, not too fast, but I felt good at the end of it. I did a two hour trainer and a 7 mile run the week before that, and that went great. I had a 9:40 pace on the run. My last big brick is going to be this weekend. Probably about a 40/10. We'll see how it goes. It's finally warming up outside, so I need to put in some more road miles on the bike.