Friday, March 7, 2014

First Setback

Well, I had to skip my first workout.  I was going to run some intervals on the treadmill last night, but I skipped out because of shooting pains in my left hip.  It’s a little odd, usually it’s my right hip that gives me the most trouble.  It feels a bit better today; hopefully it won’t take me out of running for too long. 

I ordered a bike trainer that I can use with my old mountain bike.  It was $70 on amazon.  It seems like a bit much, but with all the snow this year I probably won’t ride a bike outside until May (if I’m lucky).  I don’t plan of using my mountain bike for the triathlon.  I’m hoping to pick up a cheap, second hand road bike somewhere along the way.  There doesn’t seem to be any such thing (i.e. cheap) available right now, but maybe the spring thaw will bring some deals.

I did finally get my cholesterol and misc blood tests back, and everything was right in the sweet spot.  Not one problem.  So, we are go for full on training; we just happen to be in a holding pattern while I wait for my hip.  I hope this doesn’t happen too often; it will be tough not to overdue things, I’m a little obsessive. 

Speaking of overdoing things, I’m at about 80% to request that my tri registration get changed to the Olympic distance.  It just seems like I’m going to do a lot of work for only a 1.5-2 hour workout at the end of the summer.  I’m thinking of adding a sprint in July, and changing August to Olympic.  Maybe I’m an idiot. 

My goal for these races is to not embarrass myself.  I’m not going for an award winning time; I just want to finish and do so without being in a horribly distant last place.  I don’t think that will be a challenge in the sprint, but it probably will be one in the Olympic distance.  Maybe I should just raise my expectations, but I don’t really want to race other people I just want to beat the course (if that makes any sense).   I’m really not that competitive in athletics.  I assume I’m not competitive because I usually don’t win, and not winning is easier if you don’t care.  On the other side of the coin, I’m terribly competitive when it comes to a battle of wits.  Again, I suppose that’s because I sometimes (often?) win the intellectual challenges. 

Anyhoo, I’ll get back to running tonight, and hopefully get some biking in on the trainer next week.  We’re going to visit my folks for spring break next week, so I’ll probably just take those days off.  I still don't know if I'm going to tell the family my plans. 
10 weeks the 10k, 23 weeks to the sprint (Olympic?) triathlon

Monday, March 3, 2014


Last week was my first ever run week of 10 miles or more; I got to a total of 12 miles.  Also, on Sunday I did my first 4 mile run.  I was going at an easy pace, so the Sunday run took me 46 minutes.  The week before last I totaled 7.5 miles, so I was probably pushing it by running this long/far.  My rational for taking on the last 4 mile run was that most of my miles were pretty easy (slow) running.  Anyhoo, my knees and hips feel fine; my shoulders hurt, but that is almost always true.

I had a headache and felt a little light headed for most of last week.  It was worse in the morning and afternoon and better at night.  I thought I might not be eating enough, since I’ve dropped to almost 200lbs.  After a couple meals of gorging myself, I found that this wasn’t the problem.  I had chalked it up to a head cold, but after drinking a couple sodas today and feeling better I think the culprit has been caffeine withdrawal.  I have been trying to cut back on the diet soda; I’ll see if this gets any better this week. 

I would really like to get on a bike this week.  I think the high for the week is about 20°, so I’m pretty sure that hope won’t be realized.  I’m thinking of buying an indoor bike trainer, but I would also like to find a cheap bike to go with the trainer.  I have an old mountain bike, but it’s a junker and I suspect slower that a cheap second hand road bike.  I’ll keep checking craigslist for something good. 

I signed up for a lap swim class.  It doesn’t start until after my 10k, but it does run up until the week before my triathlon race.  It’s on Saturday mornings in the summer, only $30.  At least it will give me some water time.

I’m doing strength training tonight, and taking the night off from running.  Also, I’m going to use the same training schedule as last week.  It’s a 10 week plan, and I’m still about 11 weeks out, so a repeated week or two shouldn’t put me too far off.

74 days to the 10k, 166 days to the sprint triathlon