Friday, September 2, 2016

Well, That's It!

I had signed up for the Maple Grove Triathlon which takes place in late August, but I decided to defer my registration to next year ($35). After Toughman in July, I took a little time off from training. Mostly, I spent my time catching up on some much needed yard work and drinking (yes, I meant to imply that the drinking was much needed). Also, the family and I did a bit of traveling in August. I had neither the drive nor the time to put in the training that was needed for a good showing in another race (i.e. good for my standards). So, we are going to call it a season for triathlons.  One sprint, two 70.3 races and one Olympic relay. Four races kinda seems like too little for all the work I put in, but I suppose the hours and miles are a better indicator of season length.

Anyhoo, here are the comparison graphs.  I recently noticed that my number have three repeats in the Toughman race. I'll recalculate at some point, but three entries will not change the numbers very much at all.

Next up: another shot at a marathon.  I'm hoping I can make the Mankato Marathon in October.  An October marathon will keep me out of Surf the Murph this year, but that's probably for the best. I've came out of the Murph hobbled each of the last two years.  The sign-up for Ironman Wisconsin is in week,. If I can get registered, then staying healthy and logging miles will be priority one for the next year.