Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Back At It

It's been six weeks since I broke my foot. It still kinda aches, but doesn't really hurt most days.  Six weeks was the time limit the doc gave me for a running embargo. So, I gave it a shot and ran a couple of miles on the treadmill last night. It didn't hurt while I was running; except for the fact that I'm out of shape.  It still doesn't hurt this morning; again, just kinda aches.

In my six weeks off of running I did some stationary biking, some hand weights and resistance bands in the basement and I finally got back in the pool.  I enjoy the swimming, but I hate how the pool dries out my skin.  In a few weeks, my big toes will bust open and they will stay like that for the rest of the summer.  After Lake Marion last August, I had gone almost eight months without a swim.  That probably wasn't my best idea ever.  But, I have two months until my first triathlon (1/2 mile swim), that should be long enough to get up to distance. 

I also finally signed up for the last triathlons on my schedule: Annandale in July and Marion in August.  Annandale is close to Olympic length ($80; 0.5mile/ 21mile /5.3mile) and I signed up for the Lake Marion Olympic ($75; 1.5k/ 40k/ 10k).  I also added a race to the schedule.  My wife and I are going to do the Hopkins Royal Triathlon on Saturday, September 5.  I'm going to do the sprint course ($60; 0.5mile/ 13mile/ 5k) and she is going to do the short course ($50; 100yard/ 4.5mile/ 1.5mile).  It will be fun to see Tina get into the mix.  Maybe she'll continue on and do another race next year.  There are a few beginners races out there; it would be nice to know someone at a race for once.  The schedule is set.  One race in each of June, July, August and September, and also a relay with my buy in July.  Can't wait!

With races in June and September, I decided to get a wet suit. I ended up with last year's model of the Synergy Endorphin full-sleeve wet suit ($184).  I went with the L1 size which is for men 5'9"-6'4" and 195lbs-220lb.  I don't quite fit those specs; I'm 6'5".  But, the larger sizes that accomidate my height also have a lower bound on weight starting with 220lbs. Right now, it looks like my race weight is about 195lbs (scrawny).  With six weeks off running I'm at about 200 lbs, but I suspect that will come off quickly when I start to hit it hard next month. Four weeks until school is out! 

Also, I bought a triathlon top that I can wear through the swim and not have to put on in T1 when I'm a wet mess.  The top is from 2XU ($60), and I had to order it from the Netherlands in order to get the green color that I wanted.  Seriously, why is there so little men's workout clothes in green?  There is a lot of black, blue, orange, red and neon yellow/green, but not much for a nice kelly or light green. The one I found is also from last year, so that added to the difficulty in finding the right color and size. Anyhoo, that's it.  It seems that I am spending quite a bit of money on this new hobby.