Tuesday, December 5, 2017

My First Tattoo

After Ironman I took September and October off. I started running a bit in November, and my ankle seems to be fine after a long break.

Here is my Ironman tattoo. It may take you a minute to see the 140.6

I love it. Check out my Pre Ironman post for the story behind the Octopus. The short joke I've been using is that I am a lot like an octopus; I'm a good swimmer, I run slow in land, and I look silly on a bike. If you want to beat an analogy to death, octopodes are also smart, have long arms, and often try to go unnoticed (camouflage). 

As far as the tattoo goes, I also love that's it isn't terribly obvious that it's Ironman. You don't notice the 140.6 in the arms right away, but once you see it you can't see anything else. It's awesome.

Friday, October 13, 2017

4 Year Comparison

On these graphs, all my triathlon races are in chronological order.

River City Days Sprint
Lake Marion Sprint

Lake Minnetonka Sprint
Graniteman Clearwater Relay
Bemidji Olympic
Lake Marion Olympic
Hopkins Royal Sprint

NewBriTri Sprint
Liberty 70.3
Graniteman Clearwater Relay
MN Toughman 70.3

NewBriTri Sprint
Minneapolis Olympic
MN Toughman 70.3

I did not include Ironman Wisconsin on the graphs, because I was just too slow. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Ironman Wisconsin Post Race

At the finish line there are a bunch of volunteers who are called catchers, and that is exactly their job. They catch you after you finish, help you get your swag (t-shirt, hat, medal) and walk you to your last pics. Maybe there's something more at the end, but I limped directly to the med-tent.

I knew my ankle was in pretty bad shape, so it seemed like a good idea. They had a podiatrist come give me a once over, and he didn't initially think it was broken. However, after I got my shoe and sock off it swelled up pretty big and became pretty painful.

Also, after a minute or two of sitting, I felt like I was going to be sick. I got super hot and felt like Ralph was coming to visit. So, my genious post-race decision was to take my shirt off and limp outside to the porta-john. The doc helped me over and was sure to say,
"Do not pass out in there."
I wonder if that was a problem earlier.

Anyhoo, I didn't get sick, but I did freeze my ass off once I got into the night air. At this point dos had seen enough of me moving around, so I was shown to a cot and covered with many blankets (almost comfy). I got an IV which helped with the sick and dizzies.

The doc seemed to change his mind on my ankle being broken at this point. My ankle was wildly sensitive; even the slightest touch was painful. Doc wanted me to drive to the hospital, but I was in town on my own. I had no intention of walking a half mile to my hotel and then driving to the hospital with a swollen gas pedal foot. Also, I was suppose to pick up my bike and gear before midnight. No one (including me) thought I could make it back to the hotel walking with my bike and gear.

We decided to send a volunteer for my stuff. While I waited for the gear, I had the same discussion several times with a few docs/nurses/volunteers.
Med, "You should go to the ER."
Me, "I have to pick up my gear."
Med, "How are you getting back to your hotel?"
Me, "I have to walk, it's a half mile."
Med, "Do you think you can do it?"
Me, "Can't be much worse than the last 16 hours."
Med: Snort of derision.

One doc in particular got right up in my face and said very nicely but with intensity, "You are not allowed to ride your bike!"

In the end, the volunteer returned with my gear and the race director (I believe it was the race director). The director said they would store my gear overnight and the docs had me loaded into the ambulance for an ER run.

The ER got me set up with some x-rays, and everything came back clean. I didn't get a good diagnosis, but they called it a sprain and sent me on my way (cab voucher to the hotel).

When it was all said and done, my head hit the pillow for bedtime at 3:oo. I had been up for over 23 hours. I did think about watching a movie and hitting the 24 hour mark, but decided it was sleepy time.

I was only able to sleep for a few hours, and then I was up. I walked over to the race site, had the racers breakfast, bought some finisher gear and got my race gear. Walking around loosened up my ankle and it wasn't terribly painful. I got my stuff loaded into my car and drove the four hours home. I only needed one parking lot nap on the way.

Watching the Muppets at home.

Maybe I'll run the numbers and analyse my times. Right now I'm just happy I finished.