Saturday, May 6, 2017


April was much better than March. My chest cold cleared up and the weather warmed up (most days). My month totals are below.

All of the biking was indoors on the trainer or on the bike at the YMCA. My long was an hour and a half on thd trainer. Hopefully, I'll get outside a couple times this month. We'll call it a win if I can get in a couple rides on my 40 mile route south of town.

I think one run was on the treadmill. Otherhows my outside runs were 4 to 8 miles with my long run being about 8.2 miles. I hit a 9:45 min/mile average on my longest run, and that is quite possible my best run ever (it felt easy on a windy day). I'm sticking with two runs a week; it's a safe play. I know my joints can put up with the wear and tear of a two run week. I'll just try to stretch out the distance over the next few months.

I've only been swimming about once a week, and that seems like plenty. I'm not worried about the swim. I've been doing mile swims, and that's about as much as I can stand. I'll have to get some open water at some point, but that is for later in the summer.

I do some strength training once or twice a week, and that's easily the most important part of my training. When I get down (line in March) I have to remember hope predictable my body is. My shoulders, hips and knees will hurt on the swim, bike and run (respectively) if I neglect my strength work. With my strength work, I hurt little enough to be convinced that Ironman is doable and not too detrimental to my health.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Where's the fun in that?

Wow, things got weird on Facebook.  The guy who catches marathon cheats for fun posted the below picture and comment.

As you can see, he got quite a reaction from people.  There were nearly 300 emoji stupid things and hundreds of comments. (One guy commented quite a bit and then went back and deleted all his nastiness.)  Generally, folks were pissed. Many people found this to be one of the worst things that can happen at a marathon, and many even wanted these folks disqualified. After a bit, I added my $0.02 . I posted the below comment and received a few replies. I posted the thread in several screen captures here to try to make it readable.

The posts mostly speak for themselves. In short, these folks that obsess about Boston seem to be pretty high on their own stink. I've never seen so many people complain about photos, there are definitely brides that are less high maintenance. And, the idea of competitiveness came up several times in comments to the original pic. It was clear that "competitive" very much meant obsessive about your time and your own personal records; it did not mean competing for first place. I guess this is all my issue. I despise all the catty, cut-throat, desperate, big-man, garbage that comes with competing in a sport against someone for something. I just run for fun, and I pity those who do not.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Wasted Month

I've been sick with a chest cold for three weeks. Before that, we spent a long weekend at my sister's for spring break. Today, I finally got a run in outside, even though my chest is still locked up. Now, my knee is hurting with the IT band again. What a total damn waste of a month. What a waste. We have 23 weeks to Ironman. I'm going to eat a big ass bag of junk food and get drunk. Low point.